Stand Out in the Crowded Wellness Space as a Juicing Expert

Catapult Your Career as a Certified Juice Therapist and lead the juice revolution in as few as 5 Weeks!


The Juice Guru Certification Program is THE ONLY ACCREDITED online Juice Therapist training system using the Juice Guru Method®.

Gain the knowledge and business tools you need to STAND OUT in the crowded wellness space and ACHIEVE EXTRAORDINARY SUCCESS as a Certified Juice Therapist. 

MAKE MORE MONEY helping others transform their life, from anywhere in the world.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You're in the wellness field and need a competitive edge.  
  • You're looking for a way to boost and grow your natural health business.  
  • You want the credibility and higher fees that specialization brings you.
  • You want the knowledge and credentials to profoundly change people's lives, stand out in your field, and create a thriving business.

The wellness field is booming. Hundreds of thousands of wellness entrepreneurs flood the marketplace, and more are joining every day.  

 The U.S. Department of Labor predicts the number of Health Coaches in the US will grow by an incredible 21% by 2022. Half of all employers are projected to have some type of Corporate Wellness program in place for employees in the near future.

There’s ample room for everyone. But you need a way to stand out from the competition. You need to rise above the noise.  

Juicing is the most popular health craze of this decade, and it’s only getting bigger. The opportunity for entrepreneurial success in juicing is unparalleled.  

Steve Prussack, the Founder of the Juice Guru Certification Program and the Juice Guru Method®, has THREE DECADES of experience in the field. He knows what you need to know so your clients get results and you command the higher fees that specialization and expert credentials bring.  

Our graduates have created successful coaching businesses, juice bars, juicing retreats, online health programs and more. And now it's your turn.

We’ll give you the strategies, mindset & credentials to stand out and profit using the Juice Guru Method® in as few as 5 weeks.

Meet The Juice Guru


Author, Speaker, & Founder of Juice Guru Institute

Steve Prussack has been a leading figure in the wellness industry for almost 3 decades.  

An author of two bestselling books on juicing, he developed The Juice Guru Method® and is the founder of the accredited Juice Guru Certification Program where he helps wellness entrepreneurs monetize their businesses by becoming Certified Juice Therapists. Steve's mission is to empower you with easy to implement daily tools to help use juicing to catapult your wellness practice and stand out from the crowd.

The Juice Guru Certification Program is the only online accredited training that uses the Juice Guru Method® and that gives you the knowledge and skills to become a certified Juice Therapist.

Our Proven Formula

Earn Income with Your Healthy Message

Traditional health coaching often focuses on the latest trend fads and diets. But with hundreds of thousands of competitors, and more joining the wellness field every day ... you need a UNIQUE TOOL in your toolbox to STAND OUT.  

Juicing is the MOST effective way to flood your body with nutrients, get lean, healthy and vibrant, and stay that way, even as you age.  

Our goal is to create the most effective – and sought after – therapists, coaches and certified professionals by focusing on juicing. You'll benefit from the HIGHER CREDIBILITY AND PROFESSIONAL FEES that specialization brings.

5 Weeks To a Juice Guru

We've thoughtfully designed our curriculum for busy people like you. Get certified and start monetizing at your own pace, and in as few as 5 weeks.  

You'll learn the latest science on juicing and habit formation, how to use it most effectively to help your clients and customers get lean and healthy.  

And it’s completely digital, so you can LEARN FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD … from your home or favorite juice bar.

Learn From The Masters

Steve Prussack, the creator of the Juice Guru Method®, has brought together the leaders in the health and wellness field to share their knowledge with you in this one-of-a-kind certification program.  

 You’ll learn directly from BESTSELLING AUTHORS, DOCTORS AND LEADERS using juicing in their wellness practices for decades, and other experts who integrate juicing into their medical programs.  

We also include trainings on how to market your message through traditional and new media outlets.

Here's what our alumni have to say:

"This program gave us the knowledge, tools, credibility, confidence and authority to create a business we had only dreamt about."  

Kathleen & Nico, Certified Juice Therapists 

"The Certification Program gave me the skills to become a successful juice therapist and improved my business in countless ways!"  

Chef Babette, Certified Juice Therapists. Internet Celebrity

Opportunities For A Certified Juice Therapist

Our graduates are juicing up their income opportunities.  

Here are some of the ways they're doing it. 

Private Client Practice

Group Coaching

Open Your Own Juice Bar

Lead Your Own Retreats

Speaking Engagements

Grassroots Community Juicing Business

Passive Income From Information Products

Wellness Consulting

Partnerships with Juice Bars, Yoga Studios and Fitness Clubs

Learn directly from Steve Prussack and Other Masters in Health, Nutrition & Business

Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Dr. Joel Fuhrman Nutritarian: The Juicy Diet

Juiceman Jay Kordich How to Ignite a Worldwide Movement

Steve Meyerowitz Wheatgrass and Sprouting

Steve Prussack
The Power of Daily Juicing

Cherie Calbom How to Build a Juicy Lifelong Career

Dr. Jameth Sheridan The History, Science & Protocols of Juicing

Dr. Gabriel Cousens Juicing Through the Ages

Tina Leigh Healing with Juices & Smoothies

Bo Rinaldi Juicing Biz Growing Secrets from Apple®

Dr. Thomas Lodi Medical Implications of Juicing

Amber Sears How to Sell Out Your Retreats

Cliff Dumas Spreading Your Message on Radio and TV

Dr. Steven Bailey Detox & Cleansing  

Mark Reinfeld How to Create Epic Workshops  

Jill Howard Creating a Juicing Business

Yes, Your Certification is Accredited.

The Juice Guru Certification Program is accredited by the CMA (Complementary Medical Association) and the Juice Guru Academy is recognized nationally as a college of Natural Juice Therapy.

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